DF39: Oli Brand

Loco (original / Autophase / MDK Remix)

Here at Dead Famous we are proud to present our next dance floor instalment Oli Brand's "Loco"

Oli Brand has grown up on a healthy diet of free party techno and a fat slice of nightclub fun in and around the Southwest. His first DJ set came in 1996 and since then has been tearing up dance floors across the UK. Having spent years chewing up the club scene, Oli began to create his own style of Techno, a cross between the UK sound and some of the tougher production styles coming from Germany and Sweden.
Oli’s first course starter arrived on Skankadelic’s offshoot label ‘Blipped Out’ in 2005. In 2006 and 2007 he served up two monster tracks on KSS Records making it into Mark EG and D.A.V.E the drummer’s top 10. Oli is now producing a more funkin’ techno sound crossing over into the realms of tech-house and minimal. With a love for techy funk, Oli continues to develop his sound and serve up those main course killers.Recent releases on Lot49 and Aux have revealed a change in production with his tracks finding their way into the Robosapiens box as secret weapons.

Loco is a peak time roller that doesn't stop with relentless driving rhythms and hypnotic lines that will destroy a big room and a prime example of the new forward thinking UK techno scene emerging.

With collaborations with the Robosapiens and Jamie Flukes expect to see a lot more of Oli this year on Dead Famous.

Stepping up for remix duties we are also honoured to have fellow UK techno producers Autophase. With a string of releases on other labels Autophase have constantly been pushing the UK techno scene with quality releases that we at Dead Famous HQ have been loving for a longtime and more importantly destroying dance floors in our sets. So you can imagine we jumped at the chance to get the guys in.

Their remix of "Loco" is no exception and shows why the guys are a force to be reckoned with this year.

With a very different take than the original the guys turn in a deep roller but still absolute peacetime. dance floor bomb. Driving beats and bass line pound you with the groove building into a breakdown of epic proportions.

Last but not least we haven't forgotten about the breaks heads.

MDK steps up with a fresh thinking uplifting breaks rub that you will be hearing everywhere this summer.

Although a fairly new name on the scene MDK turns in a fresh thinking modern sounding melodic breaks track that is equally at home on the dance floor or standing with your hands up in a field at 4am. Uplifting synths tight clean beats and rolling bass makes this a winner and a perfect way to round off the package.

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